VST Technologies

VST have installed VIMED TELEDOC 5 HD+ telemedicine carts at each of the participating hospitals. Each site participating in the VST service has a VST telemedicine cart located in the Emergency Department which can be utilised for patients presenting with acute stroke symptoms. The VIMED TELEDOC 5 HD+ delivers high definition audio and video technologies for communication between the VST site and the stroke consultant. These telemedicine carts are robust, mobile, utilise wireless operation, and have a user friendly touch screen interface. The system is height adjustable, comprises of a high resolution camera which can be controlled by the stroke consultant and has up to 20x optical zoom enabling the smallest details to be viewed. Click here to view an image of a VST telemedicine cart.

Each stroke consultant utilises the VIMED platform, installed on a laptop, to dial into the required telemedicine cart.

24/7 support is offered by our service provider Meytec for all technical aspects of our telemedicine requirements.

In addition to the telemedicine carts, VST also require access to brain imagining. VST sites push PACS images to the VST PACS gateway which utilises Transfer Pro to facilitate the transfer of images across to VST.