VST Technologies

Visage (Promedicus) is a thin client software which provides our stroke consultants with the ability to access and manipulate brain imaging rapidly. Server-side rendering allows images to be manipulated on the server and streamed to the stroke consultant, instead of large data files having to be downloaded on the stroke consultant’s PC.

MiStar is an automated imaging analysis tool which has been enhanced for use on the VST network. This tool provides visualisation of salvageable (penumbra) and infarcted brain tissue by post-processing perfusion CT scans using a validated and stroke specific algorithm.

With these images, stroke consultants are able to positively identify ischaemic brain tissue at risk (penumbra) and already infracted tissue to make a treatment decision for intravenous thrombolysis, or transfer to a Melbourne hospital for endovascular thrombectomy.

This imaging technology is an important biomarker in the diagnosis of ischaemic stroke. This allows stroke consultants, regardless of their location, to view and assess brain images of suspected stroke patients at VST participating sites.