05 February 2016

Stan returns home following successful clot retrieval treatment

Despite being operational at Latrobe Regional Hospital (LRH) for only two months, the Victorian Stroke Telemedicine (VST) Program is already leading the way to improve access to stroke reperfusion therapies for regional communities.

Stan Niddrie, pictured with wife Margaret has made a remarkable recovery and will be returning home soon.

Previously well and living at home with his wife, Stan was unable to move the right side of his body and could not talk.

Stan arrived within 4.5 hours of stroke symptom onset and the LRH team were able to quickly arrange brain scans and organise a VST call.

Following an audio visual consultation with VST neurologist Nawaf Yassi, Stan was given stroke thrombolysis and was then transferred to Royal Melbourne Hospital (RMH) where he underwent
clot retrieval therapy.

Stan has since made an excellent recovery. In just five weeks, he has regained his mobility and is now walking. Stan will be returning home with his wife in late January.

Because of having access to the VST service, LRH was able to achieve a door to needle time of 40 mins and was able to transfer Stan to RMH within the recommended time frames for clot retrieval.

This highlights the streamlined capacity to treat acute cases of stroke that is possible with a well-supported telemedicine program.

Stan’s story was recently headlined in the Latrobe Valley Express newspaper on 21/1/16.

More about Stan’s story can be found at the following link:
Top tech get Stan up and about

A special thanks to Emma Marino, LRH VST site coordinator, Dr. Nawaf Yassi, treating VST neurologist and of course, Stan.