Prof Vincent Thijs (MD, PhD, FRACP)

Professor Vincent Thijs is the Head of Stroke at the Austin Health and Co-head of the Stroke Division at the Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health. Previously, he was the head of the Stroke Unit at the University Hospitals in Leuven, Belgium. He was twice awarded the prestigious Clinical Investigatorship by the FWO, the main research fund in Flanders, Belgium.

His clinical interests include stroke occurring at a young age (dissection, venous thrombosis and CADASIL), acute stroke treatment and stroke secondary prevention.

Professor Thijs’ research interests include acute stroke treatment, stroke prevention, young stroke, the genetics of atrial fibrillation and stroke, and neuroimaging.  He completed a PhD on magnetic resonance imaging in acute stroke and has served on the steering committee of several acute stroke clinical trials (WAKE-UP, SCAST, MITI-IV and AXIS) and secondary prevention trials (REACT-AF, DIAGNOSE AF).

Professor Thijs is a member of the International Stroke Genetics Consortium and an Editorial Board member of Stroke, the European Stroke Journal and the International Journal of Stroke. He has authored or co-authored more than 170 peer-reviewed papers on stroke related topics.